Monday, April 2, 2018

Ontrack presents new release of World Backup Day

Survey: Number of “Backup Refuseniks” Remain High

According to a new global Ontrack survey conducted on the occasion of World Backup Day 2018 more than one-third of the respondents did not have a backup in place at the time of data loss.

Minneapolis, MN – March 31, 2018 –More than two-thirds – 67 percent – of businesses and consumers now employ a backup solution to secure their data from the effects of a data loss. That’s the positive outcome from the latest survey conducted by Ontrack, the global leader in data recovery services.

However, there are couple of drawbacks to this finding: The figure of people suffering a data loss again remained high: Almost 20 percent of the respondents experienced a data loss in 2017, even if it dropped by 7 percent compared to 2016 (27 percent). 

Despite the high percentage of data loss, the current World Backup Day survey by Ontrack clearly shows that an astonishing high number of the respondents, 33 percent, still have not been using a backup when they experienced data loss. Even though the number of “backup refuseniks” declined globally over the last five years, it has remained relatively stable over the years. Worldwide figures have ranged from 37 percent in 2013 and 39 percent in 2015, with current figures from 2017 at 33 percent. The main reason behind why respondents didn’t use a backup solution was that they didn’t have enough time to research and administer an appropriate backup solution.

The third major finding of this survey has not changed dramatically over the years. Even though the majority of users did use a backup solution, many still suffered a severe data loss. From the respondents who experienced a data loss in 2017, only 43 percent were able to restore 75-100 percent of their data from their backup. Eleven percent were able to restore only 40-75 percent of their data. The remaining respondents lost either most of their data or all of it. In 2016, 66 percent were able to restore from three quarters up to all of their data, while again 11 percent could only retrieve 40-75 percent of the data.

One big question remains. Why did so many respondents experience a data loss even though they have a backup solution in place? The simple answer is they do not test or validate if their backup is functioning properly often enough!

The results from this year survey displays that only 27 percent of the respondents test their backup weekly while 32 percent only once a month. The remaining respondents either test their backup only once a year or never. In 2016 only 24 percent of the respondents tested their backup once a week, while 34 percent at least once a month, 13 percent do a backup check only once a year and almost 24 percent never do.

With these results at hand, there is no big surprise that many of the data restores with backups are prone to fail.

Ontrack advises everyone– from home to enterprise users – to make a proper backup from all important data and to frequently check and validate its functionality.

In addition, Ontrack offers the following basic guidelines to businesses and consumers on how to achieve positive backup results:

  • Set up a backup schedule that covers all relevant devices and media
  • Verify that backups function correctly and that they run in accordance with the determined schedule
  • Regularly check data backup systems to identify any errors
  • Test backups on a regular basis to validate that data is complete and intact

The survey was conducted among nearly 350 Ontrack customers and partners from the US, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK in February 2018.

For more information about data backups and how to proceed in the event of data loss, visit 安徽快3走势

Media Contact:

Ben Blomberg, 952-516-3617, [email protected]

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