A better way to granularly search and restore SharePoint items

Ontrack PowerControls allows you to quickly and easily find, recover, and restore content – such as documents, lists, libraries, and folders – or entire SharePoint Server sites, eliminating the need to have an expensive restoration server available.




By a variety of criteria, including keywords, subject, date, specific users, and file and attachment data

Restore content

Such as documents, lists, libraries, and folders – or entire SharePoint sites

Collect documents

Created by a specific person during a certain date range to meet Legal requirements

Consolidate sites

Find and extract individual items or sites and export them to new or alternate sites

Enhanced features

Ontrack PowerControls licensed Agents

These included agents provide the ability to search across multiple content databases as well as searching within in the contents of documents and attachments.

Agent for SharePoint Native Backups
Agent for Advanced Searching for SharePoint
Agent for use with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Restore Data from RBS

Organizations leveraging Remote BLOB Store (RBS) solutions to externalize BLOB data can extend the granular search and restoration functionality with the following optional Agents:

Agent for Metalogix StoragePoint
Agent for StorSimple Database Optimizer

Agents are disabled by default and require a new license file to be enabled.

Choose from one of the license options below


Ontrack® PowerControls? for SharePoint 0.5 TB

780 USD - 30 Day License
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Ontrack® PowerControls? for SharePoint 0.5 TB

1 495 USD + 299 USD* - Perpetual License
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Ontrack® PowerControls? for SharePoint 1.0 TB

1 460 USD - 30 Day License.
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Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint 1.0 TB

2 450 USD + 490 USD* - Perpetual License
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*12-months Maintenance and Support SKU, OPCMAINT, must be purchased with this license and will be automatically included in your basket at checkout.


Need more than what’s listed here?

Ontrack will work with you on creating a customized license that fits the specific needs of your enterprise.

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Licensing options

Multiple licensing options in a variety of flexible configurations.

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