Email search and recovery. Simplified.

Ontrack® PowerControls? works with your existing Exchange Server backup architecture and procedures and eliminates the need for brick-level backups.
  • Granularly search, collect, and export content in a forensically sound manner for ediscovery, investigations, audit compliance, and GDPR
  • Restore items directly to your production Exchange server, Office 365 mailbox, or directly to a PST file from your backups
  • Export multiple mailboxes, create a list of all available mailboxes, and split large PST files from your source data while exporting
  • Simplify email management tasks such as Exchange server migration, mailbox creation, or archiving Office 365 mailboxes

Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2016 to Office 365

Whether your data is on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment, Ontrack PowerControls can assist with your Exchange data recovery.




Mailboxes, folders, messages, attachments, calendar items, notes and tasks using a variety of criteria, including subject, date, specific users and keywords.


Messages back to the production server in seconds.


Multiple mailboxes, create a list of all available mailboxes, and split large PST files from your source data while exporting


Messages for specific users, Exchange EDB recovery, items related to Microsoft Outlook recovery or Microsoft Office recovery.


Data from a live Exchange environment.


Individual messages, mailboxes, attachments, and more.

Enhanced features

PowerPack for ExtractWizard

Add the ability to restore data from tape or disk backups to any alternative location (machine, volume, or folder). By eliminating the need for a duplicate server, PowerPack for ExtractWizard greatly reduces the time required for data restoration and recovery. Ontrack PowerControls is distributed with the following ExtractWizard Agents:

Agent for Windows NT Backup
Agent for Symantec Backup Exec
Agent for EMC NetWorker
Agent for CA ARCserve Backup
Agent for Symantec NetBackup
Agent for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
Agent for HP Data Protector
Agent for CommVault Simpana
Agent for UltraBac

PowerPack for Exchange

In addition to the PowerPack for ExtractWizard, you also have the option to purchase the PowerPack for Exchange. Included are the following unique agents:

Agent for Advanced Searching
Agent for PST as a Source
Agent for Content Analysis
Agent for Administrative Services

Agents are disabled by default and require a new license file to be enabled.



Choose from one of the license options below


Ontrack® PowerControls? for Exchange 100 Mailboxes

599 USD - 30 Day License
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Ontrack® PowerControls? for Exchange 100 Mailboxes

970 USD + 194 USD* - Perpetual License
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Ontrack® PowerControls? for Exchange 300 Mailboxes

1 299 USD - 30 Day License
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Ontrack® PowerControls? for Exchange 300 Mailboxes

2 095 USD + 419 USD* - Perpetual License
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*12-months Maintenance and Support SKU, OPCMAINT, must be purchased with this license and will be automatically included in your basket at checkout.

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Ontrack will work with you on creating a customized license that fits the specific needs of your enterprise.

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