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安徽快3走势:Backup for Eternity – Part 3

Which storage media is best for long-term archiving? This week: Floppy disks and optical media! There is an ongoing trend to more and more data being produced both by consumers and enterprises alike. But where to store all that new data? In the last two parts of this article series we covered the history and future of punch cards and tape as well as hard disk drives and SSDs… This …Read More

Backup for Eternity – Part 2

Which storage media is best for long-term archiving? This week: HDD, SSD and Flash-based USB! As we have mentioned in our previous blog article of this series, enterprises are currently facing severe difficulties on how to store data. Big data has reached even the smallest company and more and more data is generated by online portals or IoT devices alike. While not all of this data will be necessary to …Read More

Backup for Eternity

Which storage media is best for long-term archiving? Since the early days of computers there is always the question which media is the best to store data for a very long time. Back in the sixties and seventies of the last century, when companies did buy the first computers, the storage media was – not of choice – but because of what the manufacturers where offering the magnetic tape. These …Read More

Emails and GDPR – The Need and Drawbacks of Encrypting Emails

With the GDPR in full effect now, some companies still struggle with the processes to make their IT compliant to the new regulations. Since the GDPR covers many aspects of data security as well as reasons for data leakage there is almost not a single IT process not effected by the new European law. While most of the process to change are quite obvious, some are not. Such a required …Read More
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